Termite Pest Control Advice for Companies

Termites are among the most common household pests in Australia today. Although they are often associated with domestic settings, they can be just as much of a nuisance in commercial premises, too. You will often come across termites in semi-rural locations, so they tend to be a big problem for business owners who operate from out-of-town business parks as well as enterprises that are run from towns rather than big cities. That said, you can find them anywhere in the country. What should you do to safeguard your business from a potential infestation of these unwanted pests?

Handling Underground Termites

Firstly, subterranean termites can cause problems in commercial settings. Far from being something that you will only find in the bush, subterranean termites will need commercial pest control measures to be fully removed from a commercial site. They can burrow underground and will often cause problems to car parks and delivery yards, for example. In some cases, they can even undermine the foundation of an entire building. Since subterranean termites tend to be choosy about where they build their nests, it is best to ensure that there are no piles of rotting wood around your premises and that there is no convenient water supply nearby. That should help to discourage them from making your place of work their home in the first place.

Termites in Timbers

Drywood termites are also an issue if your premises have wooden structures like beams or weatherboards. Again, commercial pest control experts may be required if you spot any of the following problems. Firstly, small boreholes in weatherboarding can indicate that termites have burrowed inside. If you knock on wood and the timbers make a hollow sound, then this is a sure sign they are present. Similarly, flaking paintwork can mean that they are undermining the structural integrity of your building from the inside as well. In order to avoid this issue and prevent the need for a commercial pest control company, it is best to paint your woodwork regularly and even treat it with a varnish so that it becomes harder for drywood termites to work their way inside.

Listen for the Presence of Termites

Sometimes you will notice a clicking noise when you enter your place of work, especially if it is quiet. If this sound disappears once you turn on the light or start making noise yourself, then it could well be that termites are present in the wall cavities and rafters. In such cases, you should turn to a commercial pest control company to help you get rid of them. After all, just because you cannot always see them does not mean that termites are not there.

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