How to Make Your Home Less Termite-Friendly

In many cases, people will only to take adequate pest control measures once their home has become infested by creatures. In the case of termites, you will often need professional pest control expert to assist you with getting rid of these insects once they have decided to make their nests on your property. If you spot termites around the place, then it is highly likely that there are more than you have been able to see, so obtain an expert opinion on the next steps to take. That said, there are certain measures you can take which should make your home less attractive to these insects in the first place. What pest control measures can you take to put off termites?

Remove Water Sources

To begin with, termites need some access to water in order to be able to survive. In particular, subterranean termites want to have a pond or a stream close to their underground nests where they can obtain fluid. If possible, it is a good idea to drain ponds temporarily so that they are less likely to dig underground close to them. Fast flowing water is better than stagnant water so dredge through any streams on your property to ensure that it passes through more rapidly.

Get Rid of Rotting Wood

Many termite species like to burrow their way into rotting wood. As such, it is a good idea to keep piles of firewood under a tarpaulin so that they cannot get in to make their nests in them. Equally, trees that have fallen over should be dealt with and not left to rot where they lay. A typical place that a termite nest will be constructed under the ground is in the root ball of a tree that has died or been felled. Dig up old root stumps so that the preferred habitat of subterranean termites is made unavailable to them.

Treat Timbers In Your Home and Outbuildings

Finally, it is worth mentioning that some termite species, including drywood termites, will burrow their way into the timbers of your property. Although garden sheds and fences can be preferred places for termites to gain access, you should also look at the timbers of your house, such as weatherboarding or roof rafters. Tell-tale signs of termite activity include small boreholes and flaking paintwork, especially when you notice it bubbling up for no apparent reason. In order to make your timber is less attractive to termites, it is a good idea to treat it with a wood preservative and to paint it regularly. Termites tend to prefer untreated timbers so this is an effective prevention method.

To learn more about termites, contact pest control professionals in your area.