Effective Pest Control Methods

Pests such as fleas, cockroaches, bedbugs, and houseflies are among the most unpleasant and annoying creatures. These little insects are uncontrollable, destructive and detrimental to your health. These insects need to be controlled to safeguard public health and reduce damage. But how do you eradicate these pests?

i. Hygiene control

Pests thrive in dirty and unhygienic places like trash bins. This is why cleaning your house, bed and kitchen after meals is highly recommended. Pests like rats, fleas, cockroaches, bedbugs and houseflies thrive and reproduce in dirty environments. The simplest way to control pests is by eliminating the conducive environment.

Clean your house, dispose of trash, recycle whatever you can and seal food. Repeat this regularly, and you'll start seeing the difference within no time. Rodents will have nothing to eat and thus move elsewhere. The same applies to houseflies and cockroaches.

A clean environment doesn't attract pests; thus, regular cleaning will ensure that your home is not conducive for pests.

ii. Biological control

This is another effective pest control method that doesn't involve the use of chemicals. It's effective and extremely beneficial as it seeks to control pests by introducing living organisms such as pathogens, predators or parasites.

These organisms will make it harder for the pests to thrive by killing the pests or eating their larvae. For example, a ladybird beetle will eat aphids and any other soft-bodied bug, while some wasps such as ichneumon wasps, chalcid wasps and braconid wasps thrive off the bodies of garden pests. Ichneumon wasps eat parasitise pests such as caterpillars, corn earworms, cutworms and white grubs. Braconid wasps attack aphids, tomato hornworms, strawberry leaf rollers, garden webworms and tent caterpillars.

You can purchase some of these wasps and introduce them to your yard. Alternatively, you can plant flowers that will attract adult wasps and provide a constant supply of nectar and pollen.

iii. Chemical pest control

The use of chemicals is always seen as the most effective pest control method. The chemicals are made for specific plants and pests. They come in liquid, aerosol or solid form and are available for use on farms and commercial and residential properties.

While chemicals such as pesticides are effective, they have harmful effects on the air, water, land and food.

Even the most sophisticated pest control methods are useless if you don't know the pests you intend to control. The same applies to the crops. You need to know about the type of plants, especially if you're using chemical control methods. Proper knowledge will help you understand that chemical treatment is harmful.

Reach out to pest control teams to learn more.