5 Summertime Habits That Attract Spiders into Your Home

Summertime brings a surge in spider activity, no matter where you live in the world. But because Australia has some of the most deadly spiders in the world, summertime can be quite a hairy experience.

If you have seen a surge in spider activity throughout your home, then you need spider control. A spider pest control service can also help you to identify the bad habits that might be attracting spiders to your home.

Here are five summertime habits that can bring spiders to your house.

1. Not fixing plumbing leaks

Spiders need to drink water too. This is why spiders often end up trapped in sinks and bathtubs; they crawled in to quench their thirst. During the summer, when homeowners need water for multiple uses like their swimming pool and their garden, leaks are more common. But if you leave a leak for too long, spiders will begin to show up at the area to quench their thirst in the heat.

2. Not clearing up food debris

Summertime is also barbecue time. And leaving food debris lying around after barbecues is a sure-fire way to attract insects like wasps, flies and cockroaches. The more insects swarming your leftovers, the more food there will be for roaming spiders like wolf spiders and house spiders.

3. Not covering your trash

Uncovered trash is another insect attractor that could bring spiders flocking to your home to feast. And if you end up with a mouse, you could even attract the attention of nearby huntsman spiders, which are known to sometimes feast on mice.

4. Leaving your windows and doors open

If you often forget to close your windows and doors, then you'll be allowing insects to enter your home. Spiders go where their food is, which means that if your home becomes infested with insects like fruit flies and ladybugs, then spiders are sure to follow.

5. Leaving lights on throughout the night

Spiders love well-lit areas. Where there is light, there are lots and lots of insects like moths, flies and flying termites. This is why you should either keep your outdoor lights off at night or make sure you seal your home completely in those areas. Otherwise, spiders could enter your home overnight.

Stopping these five habits can help to reduce your home's spider population. But if your problem persists, then you need the services of a spider extermination service.