4 Reasons to Schedule Regular Termite Inspections

An established termite colony can do serious damage to a typical family home. Termites love to eat wood, which means that your floors, furniture and even the structure of your home could be at risk. Termite inspections can flag up the presence of termites before they have a chance to destroy the things that matter to you. Take a look at the following reasons to arrange regular home termite inspections.

1. Get Rid of Termites Before They Become Established

The most important reason to schedule termite inspections is that it is easier to deal with termites when there are only a few of them in your home. If you wait until there is a thriving colony, then it can be very difficult to kill all the bugs and prevent a new generation from hatching and taking over your home. Termite inspectors can spot even the earliest and most subtle signs that termites have moved into your home, which means they can deal with the problem long before the termites have a chance to do serious damage.

2. Avoid Putting Your Family at Risk

Although there are pest control products that you can use in your home to kill or discourage termites, a lot of these chemical products are hazardous to both humans and animals. If you have curious kids or pets in your home, then it is much safer to schedule regular termite inspections, rather than putting down chemicals that you hope will deter the pests. Pest control companies take great care to consider the safety of everyone in your family when they are looking for and treating pest infestations.

3. Protect Your Valuable Items

If you have valuable items of antique furniture or other wooden objects in your home, then regular termite inspections are a must. Once termites become established in an antique piece of wooden furniture, it can be very difficult to get rid of them without damaging the item.

4. Save Time and Money

The cost of dealing with an established infestation of termites is much higher than the cost of regular home termite inspections. You can save yourself money by scheduling inspections.

Using a professional pest control company to inspect your home for termites also allows you to save time compared to looking out for the signs of termites yourself. Termite inspectors know exactly what to look for during an inspection and can complete it quickly.