4 Times to Be Extra Vigilant About Subterranean Termite Invasion

Subterranean termites are active all year round. They are also always foraging for new food sources 24 hours per day, without the need for rest. That means homeowners need to be vigilant at all times when it comes to potential termite invasions of their homes. But although termites are always active, there are certain times that they might be a little more active than usual.

As a homeowner, it's important that you are aware of when termites might target your home.

1. When You Mulch Your Garden

If you mulch your garden using wood chips, you could attract the attention of foraging termites. Termites will travel up to a hundred metres from their nest on average to locate fresh sources of moist wood. And since wood chips in contact with the soil can be damp, especially during autumn and spring, they could attract foraging termites.

Even if passing termites only stop by for a snack because they detected the presence of rotting wood, they will still be in close proximity to your home. If you mulch your yard in a termite-infested area then, try to use an inorganic mulch material.

2. When You Install Sprinklers

Sprinklers are great for your garden, especially during hotter months. But be sure to position them away from wooden structures like fences, and more importantly, your home's foundations. If your sprinklers cause wood on your property to rot, and that wood is in contact with the soil, subterranean termites could soon be present to take advantage.

3. When Rain Soaks Your Home

After heavy rain, if your home took a particularly bad soaking, be sure to go around your property and ensure that there is no pooling water. Termites need moisture and rotting wood to survive. Be sure to drain any pools you find around your home's foundation. And ensure that your gutters aren't dripping on your home's siding due to blockages.

4. When Your Tap Starts Leaking

A leaking tap might not look damaging, but all it takes is a faulty washer, and the wooden cabinet under that sink could soon be soaked through. Termites come up from the soil to invade homes, so if your kitchen sink tap starts leaking, deal with it immediately. A leaking tap will bring nearby termites to your home if it soaks any wood in its vicinity.

Termites are always on the move. But if your home is free of moisture and rotting wood, then you stand a good chance of keeping them away from your home. 

For more information, reach out to a pest control service.