Which Termite Treatments Are Most Effective?

In Australia, one of the most problematic pests in terms of the amount of damage they do is termites. These creatures may be tiny but they can cause a lot of structural problems to both residential properties as well as commercial premises all over the country. There are several different termite treatment options available to you, however. That said, it is always best to consult the expertise of a pest control professional before proceeding with one. In the meantime, what are the most popular termite treatments around?

Insecticide Sprays

To begin with, you can try spraying insecticides around your property and garden. These will have the unwanted effect of also killing off other forms of insect life, such as bees, for example. However, if you want to prevent a termite colony from becoming a full-blown infestation, then insecticides are certainly worth trying. The most common ones are sprayed in a liquid format. You should make sure that you are properly covered in protective clothing before doing this and make sure that none of the material gets in your mouth or eyes. In the main, this termite treatment will need to be repeated several times to have a long-lasting effect.

Prevent Drywood Termites

One of the most effective termite treatments you can put in place to deal with drywood termites is to keep your timbers in good condition. If you paint or varnish your floorboards, weatherboarding and structural timbers, like rafters, then it is much harder for drywood termites to burrow their way into them. However, if you notice your property's paintwork is peeling away or flaking, then it could be a sign that drywood termites are already present. If so, you'll need to call upon the services of a pest control professional to get rid of them and assess the state of the damage.

Termiticide Powders

Termiticide powders are often a very effective way of killing these creatures. Unlike insecticide spray, powders will hang around for a good deal longer which means that they can have a greater impact on numbers. That said, they will only work well if you can direct them in the locations where termites are present. Again, this is something that may need professional assistance to establish beyond doubt. However, once a potential termite nest has been successfully located, you can usually continue to apply termiticide powders yourself until the problem has been fully dealt with.

For more information on different termite treatments, reach out to a local pest control professional.