Rainfall and Termites: 3 Things You Should do After Rain to Keep Termites at Bay

After rainfall, all kinds of creepy crawlies come crawling and slithering out of their homes, including ants, spiders and mosquitoes. But the pest that homeowners should be most concerned about is termites. Rainfall can create the kind of conditions in which termites can thrive. And, unfortunately, these conditions can sometimes be present around or in your home. Although flying termites do come out after rain, these shouldn't be your immediate worry. [Read More]

Effective Pest Control Methods

Pests such as fleas, cockroaches, bedbugs, and houseflies are among the most unpleasant and annoying creatures. These little insects are uncontrollable, destructive and detrimental to your health. These insects need to be controlled to safeguard public health and reduce damage. But how do you eradicate these pests? i. Hygiene control Pests thrive in dirty and unhygienic places like trash bins. This is why cleaning your house, bed and kitchen after meals is highly recommended. [Read More]

Why Professional Pest Control Service Is Essential for Every Home

Do you have a pest problem in your home? No homeowner wants to share their abode with pesky pests, and that's why effective pest control is essential for every home. There are many businesses out there that specialise in providing residential pest control services. Hiring one of these businesses is your best bet for keeping pests at bay. Below are some key benefits of professional pest control for homes. Creates a Safer, Healthier Living Environment for Families [Read More]

How to Make Your Home Less Termite-Friendly

In many cases, people will only to take adequate pest control measures once their home has become infested by creatures. In the case of termites, you will often need professional pest control expert to assist you with getting rid of these insects once they have decided to make their nests on your property. If you spot termites around the place, then it is highly likely that there are more than you have been able to see, so obtain an expert opinion on the next steps to take. [Read More]